Thursday, 7 August 2008

Story Of Manjhi

Once there lived a husband & a wife in Japan.They loved each other very much. They desperately needed a child, but the problem was that the wife couldn't give birth. Now they came to India. They thought of adopting a child. But how could they adopt a new born baby?

They approached a surrogate mother from Ahmedabad to help them have a child. But things didn't go the right way. Days from the date of delivery, the couple got divorced and the adoptee mother flew back to Japan. Little Manjhi took her first breath at Kavial Maternity home, Anand , Gujarat , and by the time she sipped her first milk from the feeding bottle, her surrogate mother had also left.
Manjhi's father wants to claim her, but our laws, in India do not entertain it as such. So now she is with her grandmother, the only person to care her. What a misfortune for her ..!

Guess what. Our famous judiciary doesn't have sound laws on surrogacy and one bill is still pending. Also, laws prohibit a single man or a divorced father from adopting a girl child. This peculiar law has brought our little Manjhi's future into uncertainty. Now a surrogate mother means the child's biological father is same( as the person who wants to adopt ), then why Manjhi's dad isn't being allowed to claim her?

Surrogacy has become a business in India, where it is a means of income for many abandoned poor but healthy women who desperately want to raise their own children , but don't have enough financial strength. Also, they are doing it for a good cause, so no one is to blame them either. Where are we heading towards ? Outsourcing mothers ? Spain has banned surrogacy, in Australia and some other countries its illegal. Where are we ?

Our judiciary to blame ? Or our people ?


Devidas said...

a truly depressing story there....
surrogac yis a boon to many couples who have the desire to bring a kife on earth, and satisfy what is ultimately the essence of living together- a symbol of love between the couple. but the worl dis changing so rapidly that a lady during her pregnancy period would have already divorced thrice and married four times!
its sad really sad...

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Bristow said...
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Bristow said...

There are many more pathetic stories like this all over the world especially in developing countries like India.

I think surrogacy should not be fully banned but our government should bring some restrictions or some laws regarding this.

And I too feel pity on these ladies who changes her husband frequently. The feeling of a family is more than the selfish greedy thoughts of a person...

And I tell you, I'm not here to blame only ladies for the break up.

Nivil said...

this's something that has it's own merits n shortcomings. it is a boon to couples who can't have a baby, but wanna raise their on child. but it also can be misused many ways, the worst of being, misusing the fetus for cosmetics and such.

i personally feel that it's something that shouldn't be made illegal. but a more stingent protocol evaluating the stages of growth and assosiated events untill the baby is in safe hands should be enforced.