Sunday, 31 August 2008

Last Bench Warriors

" The best brains are found on the last benches of the class.. "

Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, our honourable ex-president once happened to quote these words. How true.. Why is it always that the best brains don't entertain themselves too much with the boring lectures? We can explain it by the fact that these minds want to roam around, searching for fresh ideas and thoughts. They get irritated when they are forced to stick their a** under the nose of the lecturer. They die for free space,free time and free thoughts, which help them to think creatively, rather than some stereotyped notes and lectures , which are of no use other than making your teacher happy. These are facts. Now listen to what happens in my class.

Third hour of the day begins at eleven. Students rush to the class. The fight, of course, is for the back benches. Sir enters. Some students get up and wish. Class starts.
Its 11.30 now. Heavy downpour of boredom in the last half an hour has frustrated everyone. Waste papers lying around.

And here goes our class

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Lazy Me

Its a disease. Its infectious. Its contagious. You simply can't prevent yourself from getting it if you arent aware of it. Cure is hectic. Needs will power. Patients suffer only after years of infection.
Its called Laziness.

I think I am the best person to talk about it because I can proudly say I am the laziest person around. Now this ain't no confession nor realisation. I simply am lazy. Nothing has been done about it yet. I honestly don't know what can be done about it. I'll be around here for 20 something years,this august, and I still havent found any solid reason for improving myself,yet.

Please tell me, is it in anyhow that bad to be lazy? Am not I just another guy with my own habits, feelings, behaviour, only that Im more lazy than any one of you..?

I've found many blokes claiming "I'm very lazy these days.. I'm this I' that..." Blah blah blah... Poor guys can't make out what it really takes to be me...

Day starts at 11.30AM. Break fast at 12 noon. Sleep. Lunch at 3.30PM. Sleep. Next food at 9.00PM. TV. Magazines. Computer. Computer. Sleep at 2.30AM. This is my weekend-day's outline. You can add some 'classes' , some 'movies', some 'meeting friends' here and there,on working days.

I hate to write notes. Well, I don't. Literally never( I do fear teachers, so Im forced to,at times)
I hate to get up. Its not that sleep is irresistable,just that I don't feel like getting up.
I'm bad at my daily chores. I do everything just enough to thrive. (god bless my mom's throat)
Always late to class. ( hint 2nd point). Anywhere else, I'm just in time. I don't miss out anything because of this "late-aayi-coming-mania "
If I'm at college, I don't feel like going home. If I'm at home, I don't feel like going out.

Now you may be asking why I did all this bla bla. I want to know whether you can make out the lazy me from the above description.

I've found only one person lazier than me yet, though he is quite different, of his own kind. Read more about him

PS : Free advice WELCOME. Honestly.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Story Of Manjhi

Once there lived a husband & a wife in Japan.They loved each other very much. They desperately needed a child, but the problem was that the wife couldn't give birth. Now they came to India. They thought of adopting a child. But how could they adopt a new born baby?

They approached a surrogate mother from Ahmedabad to help them have a child. But things didn't go the right way. Days from the date of delivery, the couple got divorced and the adoptee mother flew back to Japan. Little Manjhi took her first breath at Kavial Maternity home, Anand , Gujarat , and by the time she sipped her first milk from the feeding bottle, her surrogate mother had also left.
Manjhi's father wants to claim her, but our laws, in India do not entertain it as such. So now she is with her grandmother, the only person to care her. What a misfortune for her ..!

Guess what. Our famous judiciary doesn't have sound laws on surrogacy and one bill is still pending. Also, laws prohibit a single man or a divorced father from adopting a girl child. This peculiar law has brought our little Manjhi's future into uncertainty. Now a surrogate mother means the child's biological father is same( as the person who wants to adopt ), then why Manjhi's dad isn't being allowed to claim her?

Surrogacy has become a business in India, where it is a means of income for many abandoned poor but healthy women who desperately want to raise their own children , but don't have enough financial strength. Also, they are doing it for a good cause, so no one is to blame them either. Where are we heading towards ? Outsourcing mothers ? Spain has banned surrogacy, in Australia and some other countries its illegal. Where are we ?

Our judiciary to blame ? Or our people ?

Sunday, 3 August 2008

History's Mysteries

Does history ever repeat itself ? Or is it sheer coincidence that some incidents look unimaginably similar, even when they are drawn out from far far different pages of the history books.....? Want to know what I am trying to express ...? Read the following: (just one of the many incidents)

Year 1980:

Four time defending champion Bjorn Borg was on his way to his fifth consecutive Wimbeldon final with ease. The Swedish mastero was up against the brash left hander John McEnroe this time.

Borg's four year reign seemed to last no more when the American stormed through the first set. But he fought hard to take the next two sets before losing a historic tie break 16-18 in the fourth set. Eventually "ice borg" rallied through to win his Fifth Wimbeldon title.

But the writing was on the wall. The same pair met again in 1981 and this time McEnroe got his man, thus ending an illustrious 5 year unbeaten run at the wimbeldon. Later that year, McEnroe managed to defeat Borg at the US open as well, which led to his retirement from the game.

Year 2003-08:

Roger Federer won his first Wimbeldon title defeating Mark Philippoussis. He defended his title successfully for four years without even a speck of doubt. In the fifth year, he had to rally five sets to sneak through . The rising no.2 seed Rafael Nadal was posing him great danger and he could smell a defeat on grass, sooner than later...

2008 :Rafael Nadal was all set to take forward his clay court form onto the grass, now that he was truely an undisputed champion on clay. Federer was looking forward to defending his tiltle for the sixth consecutive time. He had lost to him the last couple French open finals, including the one this year , and was not looking in the greatest of form this time around. As expected, the All England Tennis Club was to witness yet another battle of one of the finest tennis duels the game had ever known. The same old pair..... Federer vs Nadal.

All odds were against Federer this time. As expected, the brisk lefthander stormed through the first two sets and looked very much in control the match. Amazingly though, Federer bounced back from 0-2 sets down to level the score and the game went into the all decisive fifth set. Though Federer couldnt break his opponent's serve, he somehow managed to cling on to his powerful serve and the game went into the tie-braker

History was to repeat itself this time and Nadal managed to end Federer's 5 match winning streak and clinched his very first Wimbeldon title.

Goto Year 1980;

So now the questions remain :
Will Nadal defeat Federer at the US open?
Will Nadal be able to dethrone Federer from his No.1 spot ?