Sunday, 26 January 2014

Salute to the revolutionary of my generation

Thank you for waking up our youth. Thank you for instilling faith in our system. At least we now know how to 'Walk the talk' in politics. We now know that if there is a will, there definitely is a way. Even if half of the people do not agree with what you say and do, be proud that your actions have definitely stirred the thoughts of many a sleeping youth who didn't even bat an eyelid when the Coalgate and 3G Scams took their turns in the newspapers. Your revolutionary ideas have truely brought many a BJP and Congress leaders out of their shells, and I bet even the most high profile corrupt politicians would have started counting their eggs.
Even if people are more interested in making fun of your ideas and mocking your government's suo-moto decisions, be proud that many of these people never even had a political outlook towards anything that happened around them before. Even if these people support the BJP or the Congress, you have woken up souls from every echelon of the society and ignited a political spark in them. 
We have a choice now. A choice for the righteous path. A choice for a cleaner path. There is a glimmer of hope for the people who know how to think rationally and react. There is a hope that our society can be cleansed. There is a hope for the common man. Thank you for everything, Arvind. Some call you a revolutionary. Well , I second them.
A revolution is on. A revolution in which leaders are taking routes which were traversed never before. The ruling class habituated with the 'chaltha hai' attitude are really getting uneasy. Bitter talk is on. Paid news channels and media are roaring. Every party is taking counter measures. But, the best of it, there is a sense of something actually 'happening'. Yes. Isn't that what we always wanted ? How many times have we cried foul : 'yahan kuch nahi hota'... Thank you Arvind for taking the onus and becoming a role model for generations to come... 
An apt quote for you from Rang De Basanti :
"Zindagi jeene k do hi tarike hote hai ... ek jo ho raha hai hone do, bardaasht karte jao ... ya phir jimmedari uthao use badalneki".....

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Vrrooommmm.... 2012, Here We Go..

From Anna Hazare to Kolaveri, Formula One to ICC WC, it was indeed an eventful year for we Indians, and yes, its going to be carried forward .. 2012 is here, and let me predict 5 things which will paint the walls of news channels this year
1. The Government enacts the Lokpal Law !!!
2. Sachin Tendulkar retires after reaching his 104th ton.
3. From right under the nose of the PM, almost all the ministers have atleast one scam to their credit.
4. World Markets crash to new lows since the Recession of 2008
5. The Arab Spring 2.0 - Chaos Revisited.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Well, happy to be back to the blogging days. I'll try to give you a glimpse of the experience I had for one week, during my insane road trip from Kerala all the way to New Delhi, in my Maruthi Zen LX.

Day 1 (15th Oct,'09)
The day started at 5.30AM, and the car left Trichur, Kerala by 8.00AM. First day's target was to reach Bangalore by dusk. The roads allowed us to keep a consistent 60-80km/h during the early hours, and as planned we would not raise to the triple figures on our journey for the sake of my 10yr old companion. We reached Salem by noon and had lunch from a highway 'kerala restaurant'. Since the roads in Tamil Nadu were excellent, we could cover good distance in less time and managed to reach Bangalore city by 7.00pm, and then got stuck in traffic mayhem. Some luck helped and a timely left turn from the highway helped me find a decent place for stay at Madivala. The trip meter read 504km.

Bangalore City is a likable place except for its traffic and under construction roads. The city is quite well structured and public are also quite literate and well mannered.

Day 2
Our destination for the day was Hyderabad, which was 570km away. The route was clear- to take the NH3 via Kurnool. According to our plan, this would be the longest single day route on our trip. We started off by 7.15am And the majority of the roads were excellent too. About 120km from Bangalore and the last 200km from Kurnool to Hyderabad are superior 4-lane expressways and the rest of it being under construction. The only thing which would haunt you is the lack of civilization along this path. Its like people went to these places only to build roads and never saw that place again. Many sections are deserted and sometimes you may not find markers for more than 50km which might be quite awkward at times, mind you you are travelling on a National Highway.
We could reach Hyderabad city outskirts by 7pm. We headed towards Nampally, where we found a decent place for stay. At Hyd, people on their two wheelers were absolutely crazy. Except for Hyderabad city, traffic was quite unregulated in other parts . People understood Hindi quite well and that was enough. :)

Day 3:
Day started at 7.15AM, and we left Hyderabad city by around 8.45. Destination Nagpur. This was one of the worst sections of the entire journey. Most of the sections of NH7 were under construction and at some places roads literally disappeared, with only some heavy trucks and our car travelling on pure gravel and mud. Nevertheless, we managed to cover a good 490km by dusk. Vinit, my Xth classmate, arranged stay at his place and i was blessed to be a part of Aarti n pooja for Diwali. Had some really nice Dal-rice and sweets and wished him Happy B'day the next day as well. !! Really that was divine intervention- that his b'day and diwali happened to be on consecutive days and i could be a part of both.....
Next day, we left nagpur by 9AM and headed towards Bhopal.

Day4 :
The roads were average-above average kind of. Although not convincing most of the time, the whole landscape and meadows through which the roads shaped up enthralled me. At most of the places you would find people/ vehicles or something which would make you feel a part this world. Mind the cattle/livestock which are on the roads/sides. They have equal priority when it comes to sharing roads.
Since the distance was less, there was no need to rush. But the latter part of the section was a mix of average-below average-poor roads. Anyone of these could pop up any minute.
After reaching Bhopal by 6pm, we headed straight towards Bhopal railway station, where we found a decent place for stay right in front of the station. The day ended with some good roti-sabji from a near by restaurant. Distance covered was 350km

Day 5:
Mission Gwalior (ga-va-liyar , thats how many people pronounced it!!). We hit the roads by 9.00AM and could cover good distance in short time. The roads were above average when it came to quality and width wise it was 2-lane. The cool thing was the roads were accompanied with rich flora and fauna alongside them. This made the day's trip pretty pleasant. Gwalior town was reached in 9 hours and I halted at a hotel near railway station. Total distance covered was 420km.
I really wished to have a map of Delhi city, but I was wandering through the Gwalior streets in vain, as no cafe would be open after 7pm it seems. People on two wheelers were absolutely insane, and I witnessed many bikers riding on a half a foot high footpath just as if they would do it anywhere else.
After my unsuccessful search for a cyber cafe, I finally got to my bed by

Day 6:( Grand Finale ) 20/10/09
Destination : New Delhi

Oh gosh. It was an awesome feeling. I would be making it to the capital city, which would mark the successful end of a six day marathon. We set off by 9 AM and our plan was to visit the Taj on our way. The roads were beautiful and except for some very short stretches of lame patches, we could keep a consistent 80kays per hour and this enabled us to reach Agra by around 12.00Noon. We visited the Taj Mahal ( how marvelous she is... !) and left Agra by 3.00PM, with only another 200 more kms to make. The roads were pretty excellent but for some traffic.
By 6.30Pm, we reached the outskirts of Faridabad.
From there onwards, the journey was filled with so much of luck and chance that I really doubted divine intervention for the second time. My target was to reach the South Extension of AIIMS, from where dad would accompany us. Though it took us some time to reach there, the route we took to reach there still remains a mystery. So many left turns and right turns, majestic fly-overs, oh god this metro city really took a toll on us for some time.
From there, we took the outer ring road towards Wazirpur, from which we diverted towards Rohini, which was my final destination.
And home by 9.30PM.
Was a relieved person.
'We' mentioned above includes me, my CD player, my buddy Maruti Zen LX . And quite strictly so. Thank you.

Trip Summary:
Start Point : Trichur, Kerala
End Point : New Delhi, Delhi
Total Distance covered :2700+ km
Route :
1. Trichur- Palghat - Coimbatore - Salem -Bangalore(NH47, NH7 )
2. Bangalore- Anantpur - Kurnool - Hyderabad (NH7)
3. Hyderabad - Nirmal - Adilabad - Nagpur (NH7)
4. Nagpur -Pandurna -Beitul - Itarsi - Hoshangabad -Bhopal (NH69)
5.Bhopal - Narsingharh- Biaora - Guna- Shivpuri- Gwalior(NH 3)
6. Gwalior- Agra- Mathura- New Delhi(NH 2)

Total fuel : Rs 9000+ (Mileage 15)
Total toll : Rs 465
Total food + stay : ( depends on no. of persons and taste , any way per day a min 600)

Places of Stay :
Bangalore : Hotel Mass Residency, Madivala( its a good one)
Hyderabad : Hotel Imperial, Nampally( You can find loads of hotels at Nampally)
Bhopal : Hotel Pukhraj, Opp. Habib Ganj Railway Station
Gwalior : Hotel Mascot, Near overbridge near railway station

Advice 1. Make sure you have enough no. of good songs / cds/ dvds. AC is a must.
Advice 2. Auto/ taxi drivers are a good source of information. Mind them.
Advice 3. Best place to find a stay should be near the railway station !

Monday, 1 June 2009

A Recessive Toll..?

Is global recession taking a toll on we Btech-ees? On our placements? Well, yes to be frank. Because, by this time I would have been placed in a good number of IT firms if it were 06-07 season now. Anyway everyone is with the opinion its the best time for investing in Education.
As you sow, so shall you reap.

So to harvest some good job in the next season( post recession ), I've already made some arrangements. I've joined TIME CAT '09 classes and so far, so good. But I tried to question myself,
Doubt :
(" CAT or GATE ?");
if (success in CAT)
what the hell to do with your 4 yrs Computer Science literacy ? ;
else if
you lost CAT, and didn't make an earnest attempt for GATE as well ? ;
goto Doubt;

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Chelsea, you deserved better!!

After a series of shocking decisions, the final nail on the coffin was laid by Iniesta when he scored the 93' screamer which steered Barcelona to Rome for the UEFA champions league finals, 2009. Surely the result would have been other way around, but for some horrendous refereeing and some immature reactions from fellow Chelsea players after the match..
A soccer match played between two world class football clubs and in such a noteworthy tournament really deserved far better officials than the ones who were incharge. They played down four critical decisions, two of them being one hundred and one percent in favour of the hosts at the Stamford Bridge on 6th May. The match ended 1-1, with Barca moving forward on away goal.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

How Dramatic...!

For the first time in my life, I took to the centre stage for participating in an event. It was a really great feeling for me, to face so much audience ,and somehow I managed not to shiver or squander my words over the microphone. Atlast, we grabbed the first prize....

Ya, this is the story of our English drama which we had presented for Confluence'09 , our college cultural fest. Our drama was based on Agatha Christie's " The Mousetrap ". My role was that of Paravacini, an Italian traveller who happens to be at the guest house, the place where this story was going on.
Devidas enacted Sergeant Trotter, the central character of our play. Well that was it, we just put the best of ourselves into it and our passion brought us the numero uno position......

PS : Exams were in-charge of my time, so please excuse me for not updating this blog.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Our Robot

We made a robot!
Its a cool feeling to say that, honestly. Ramakrishnan, Devidas, Arun. S and myself had decided to make one, and it wasn't long before it came to existance. A simple remote controlled Robot. Now we have a toy to play with... And we participated in a robotic event as well. We managed to finish 3rd in the event. 

Do you want to know our bot in person ?