Saturday, 29 November 2008

We Salute You

Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare, Additional Police Commissioner Ashok Kamte, and  Mumbai Police “encounter specialist” Vijay Salaskar were among those cops killed during anti-terrorist operations at Mumbai.

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan and commandos Gajendra Singh and Omkar Chander became martyrs for our motherland while fighting against the terrorists for saving those who were being held hostages. 

We owe our lives to you, sir's . We salute you for being there for our India and being her brave sons who sacrificed their lives while protecting her people. May GOD honor your souls in heaven.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Wake Up India....

My dear motherland, my India is being torn apart by bomb blasts and terrorist attacks and all I can do is sit and watch my television. How pathetic is it not? I can guarantee this is the case for my fellow friends and youngsters and everyone whom I can think about right now.

When will we see a peaceful world with no war and no bloodshed? Ever ? I can thrust upon the word 'NEVER'. We saw Romans conquer, Alexander fight, Mughals rule, and like that.. Civilizations after civilzations we have witnessed the same thing repeating over and over. Fight for survival was the motto till the last century. War is still on, but it has slightly changed its shape. When we saw army and forces fighting each other till now, innocent civilians have become the target now. And for what cause? Only a terrorist can give you an answer to that.

I had lived in Mumbai for over 6 years and its so disheartening to see 'aamchi Mumbai ' become a victim to the bloody terrorists' mishap. Bomb blasts have occured at the heart of the city including the Victoria Terminus( Chatrapathy Shivaji terminus or the CST ), the 5 star Taj and Oberoi hotels, towns of Santa Cruz and Vile Parle, killing over 125 people as for now. The CST is undoubtedly one of the world's busiest railway stations and Taj and Oberoi hotels provide the best hospitality in the country for VIPs and VVIPs and foreigners. And sadly these places have become the targets for the so called Mujahideen Bast*rds. So so unfortunate to see my country in havoc.

Don't these repeated blasts and serial killings point out the weak links of our system? Corrupt politicians lead to corrupt police and thus security becomes a formal gesture only meant for VIPs.. So easily do these culprits get inside our nation, collect sophisticated weapons and rifles, and do the job assigned and go to hell. Their victims? Innocent people.... And what do our dummy police do? Smile at those who rape a nun in public? Help collect RDX for Hindutva mother*****s? Hell man...

I'm sorry to say this but two years ago, I'd begun my blog with a post on terrorism, and what I wrote has, unfortunately, become absolutely true.
And I'm sorry I used harsh words here. I really couldn't control my frustration

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Love Ke Funde

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
Would be devastated, 'coz I'm 201% sure she'dnt do that. Man, I'm that confident
2. If you can have a dream come true, what would it be?
Sitting in a classroom of IITB
3. Whose butt would you like to kick?
Of course the ones who kicked mine!
4. Why do you blog?
Hobby ... And the feeling of your content being on the web and your page on Google, its cool
5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
No chance...... ('Coz I don't have girl-best friends(not a gay neither ;)), but for my girlfriend)
6. Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?
Believe me, second one is better...
7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you love?
Not anymore guys..... :)
8. If the person you secretly like is attached, what will you do?
I'd have found out everything about her before liking her secretly... :)
9. If you could root for one social cause, what would it be?
Build a rehabilitation center for beggars/old/poor..
10. What takes you down the fastest?
Her tears... ignorance from my very best pals...
11. What resurrects you the fastest?
Her voice... Rock music... A football match on TV..
12. What’s your fear?
As for now, 'if I'll remain jobless..'
13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
A cool girl who is in look for kool frnzz, a little biased maybe, cute... :)
Very very dear to her best friends, not afraid of bitch-slapping someone.. thats all I can guess... sorry if something is horribly wrong
14. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?
Now that I'm not single, I should say I would be happy married and rich :))
15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
SNOOZE....... And go to sleep....
16. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously who will you pick?
Of course the best one.... The one who's more cute and more endearing... But falling in love with two people is hypothetical I presume, because that would be just another infatuation only
17. Would you give all in a relationship?
Yeah.. of course... let it be friendship or love, I can't compromise
18. Would you forgive and forget someone no matter how horrible a thing he has done?
I usually do that, and thats why maybe I don't have a lot of people to hate me...
19. Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?
Choice No 2, when I was single and of course I'm quite content now that I won't be moving to 1.
20. Tag 6 people.
Priya, Raman, Bristow, and any three people who'd like to take my tag. Please leave a comment

Friday, 17 October 2008

Home vs Hostel....

I'm a day-schi who often spends time at hostels.. I've always loved the atmosphere there, especially at nights when all the birds return to their nests and the chirruping which follows... But many a time I've, myself, questioned this idea of mine... Some of the reasons which led me to think so->

1) Mom's tasty food, yummy....where else to go..? [Home +1]

    Eating together, sharing food, MESSy.... [Hostel +1]

2) Pillows all around.. Nobody to disturb you... Where else can you sleep better..? [Home +1]

    Fantabulous night life... boozing... Rooms changing into casinos.. [ Hostel +1]

3) Mommy is there to help you out.. Washing clothes to cooking food, waking you up,...her care invaluable [Home +1]

    Grow up kid, you have to do it all yourself.. When are you going to be responsible adult if you can't do all these by yourself.. shame shame.. [Hostel +1]

4) Examzz....! Who is there to mess around? Complete concentration if you try hard.. [Home +1]

     Chit-chatting, combined study... And moreover friends are there to keep you awake late midnight [Hostel +1]

5) I hate common bathrooms   [Home +1]

     Experience the world.This is life. Live it. Learn from it. [Hostel +1]

6) Silly quarrels/debates turning  into full-fledged war, with lot of soldiers on either side eg  Mammotty vs Mohanlal( we need a warden to stop it)  [Hostel +1]

Fighting with bro/sis over a piece of cake or chocolate. Its fun. But annoying as well. [Home +1]

Score 6 : 6 

Home is where you are born and brought up. So don't miss hostel life. [ unlucky me I guess :( ]

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Chat with a bus-driver

I was standing in a queue at the railway station to get a ticket to Kuttippuram, and this man approached me ,and requested to get one for him as well. The person at the counter didn't have a change for the 100Rs bill I had given him, neither did we. So he adjusted both the tickets from the same note(now hell with him! I thought ) and my stranger friend now owed me his ticket's cost.
Oh god.. Now I have to keep an eye on him till I get my money back.. That he doesnt get away...
He suggested that he would pay me after getting a tea inside the train( so that he can ask for a change.. So we waited, together, for the train to arrive....
See how much trouble you can get into if you are not having a change at the right time..!

Now the story begins.I got to know more about him. This man, Shaju, earned his wages by driving his( I mean his boss') Thrissur-Kannur private limited stop bus, daily.
He had a wife and two children at home. I inquired more and learned that his roots drew back from a very poor family. After dropping out of school from 6th std, he had worked at a workshop and later managed to become a lorry-driver. After his marriage, he got a job as a bus-driver. When asked he was going today, he told me that he had to settle an accident case in the court at Tirur. He had very narrowly escaped death that day, he remembers...

He went on bragging about this and that, though I found most of it interesting, and also told me about his daily wages as well.If the bus collected Rs 100 per day, Rs 6 was for the driver, 4 for the conductor and 2 for the cleaner. So he says, with an average collection of 14k-18k per day, he got around 1000 bucks per day, when multiplied by 25 working days, gave him more than what Infosys and Wipro promise to give. WOW..!

But he also mentions the high level of risk involved in their profession. When at the steering wheel, he is responsible for all the lives clinging behind him. He has to make it to the destination in the specified time, not late, nor early. Just seconds difference would spark a feud with the drivers/conductors of other buses running according to their respective time schedules. And the terrain of our roads needs a special mention as well. From water logging to dry patches, boulders to vegetation, everything can be found here. To drive in these extreme conditions without tiredness/sleep is real hectic. And overloaded buses would mean extra care while manipulating sharp curves and overtaking, because momentum and inertia could call for a disaster if anything goes out of control.

So he says after a tiring long day, he spends most of his income at the bars and beverage shops, thriving for liquor. All these bad habits(everything you can imagine), he says, is a part and parcel in their profession.! He was advising me not to get hold these bad habits, and all this time he was taking out a pinch of Hans in his hands, pressing(pressurizing) it, and inserting it in somewhere his mouth. Amazing personality.
I am telling you, the thing smells yuck...

Also he asked me " Da nee endu padikua.." I replied, "Engineering ".
" ee engineeringil endokeya padipikua ?"
" Chetta nammukku schoolil okke science ,maths angane kore subjects ille? athu pole engineeringil Electronics Computer angane oro vibhagangal undu.. Njan computer science aanu padikunne...."

Well how else could I make this man understand.. suggestion ?

My journey ended at Kuttippuram :). Thats all. Thank you for listening my bla bla bla.

PS : Chewing tobacco is injurious to health
PS.2 : I got my money back :)

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Hai Bangalore..

Waking up at 3.30 in the morning, I found out that our room had neither water or food to be had. Back I laid on the sofa(-cum-bed for me!) ,and got to thinking about the terrific day we had yesterday.

We had started off at 6.30 in the morning(as usual,I was late). After picking Vinu from Patturaikal, we gave a sigh of happiness.. We ,five of us, (Bristow,Devidas, Ramakrishnan,Vinu and myself)were off to Mysore.. Now optimising time and distance was the first thing in our minds, so we decided to take the Perinthalmanna-Nilambur-Gudallur route to Mysore.It was a pretty cool journey, in the blue Indica we had taken for rent, with Bristow driving like a never dying soldier, never tired nor bored with it. I had my go at it too, now somebody has to
give a person who has driven 200kays some rest ,right?
That was it, we had had our lunch at a highway hotel,before we had entered the Mud
umala forests via Gudallur. After touching a small strip of Tamil Nadu, we had entered the state of Karnataka. Well, I was the driver then,
and was asked to report at the check-post.
And only to find out that I had to bribe him... 50bucks. Ahmm... no mention. Had continued our way through the Bandipur jungles and somehow managed to reach Gundalpet town. Last we'd reached Mysore just before dusk and had a sigh of relief when Devidas informed us that we'd managed a couple of Akashavani Quarters for our overnight stay. And hell good the rooms were..
Later, we'd gone to Gokulam chat house and Mukund Chats for filling our tummies. Tired we were, and sleep hadn't
waited long to conquer us.

Gosh.. long day y'day I thought. Had to get ready soon and check what we had in store for the day. Departed at around 5.30 from Mysore. Slight drizzle and less daylight had made it difficult for us to anticipate a hump which was there on the 4 lane State Highway and the speed at which we were travelling made us jump out of our skins by the jerk. And unfortunately enough, that had caused a slight damage to our vehicle( though we noticed it much later). Somehow we managed to reach Bangalore and reach IISc campus by 10.15 to attend the seminar for which we had started off in the first place... :)
The much awaited moment had arrived.
The tea-break at 11.30.
Our first real meal for the day since getting up at 3.30.
Man it was so excruciating to spend just 8 hours without food...! God bless those millions who die of hunger.
Attended some good nice lectures by Khasim Syed Mohammed and some others who had arranged the program.
Aahh.. where did I mention it? It was a symposium conducted by Texas Instruments(TI) on embedded systems and embedded linux , featuring their latest product Beagleboard, which is a low cost high end chip capable of laptop like performance. And it is free to the community as well.
After the seminar, Vinu, Raman and myself enjoyed the scenic calm and cool IISc campus( of course when you get to these kinda places, you start to compare their's with ours , and thats what we did.. ) , while Bristow and Devidas went to fix the problem in our vehicle.
The damage in our car was repaired soon and we started off to Mysore, and managed to reach back before midnight.

Our final day began late. We had some of the tastiest Idli-vada-dosa-sambhars from a nearby hotel and started our return journey by 10.15AM. This time we chose to drive
more calmly and hence took the Gundalpet-SulthanBatheri-Calicut route back to Trichur. Stopped at different places to enjoy the scenic beauty and landscape of Wayanad.
Saw a herd of deers on our way and a peacock as well. We really enjoyed the way back. I took to the steering-wheel from the top of Thamarasheri hill till we stopped for our food at 4PM at a hotel near the NH-17 bypass at Calicut.
Got back to Trichur by 7PM(with some cool
happenings on the way, Im not boring you all anymore....!) and thus ended our 3day voyage...

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Who Am I ?

Freaky question ain't ? Well not that freaky you might be thinking. 
A conversation quoted here :

Me : Da, where had you been ?
Bro : To the temple yaa.. Mom insisted. 
Me : Ok.. answer me.
Bro : ??
Me : Where do we live ?
Bro : Of course Thrissur.
Me: Where is it ?
Bro : WHAT ?
Me : I mean where is Thrissur ?
Bro : Kerala.
Me : ????
Bro : India... Asia... World.... Earth...
       : Anymore you want ?
Me : Yes
Bro: Well....... arghh........ Solar system..
Me : more...
Bro : Milky way galaxy
       : UNIVERSE...

Where is this Universe? WHERE  ? Why does it exist ? Why does it have LIFE ? Who designed the universe ?  ( ALMIGHTY ? Who ?
Why did he create humans ? 
Why do we exist ? Why should we exist ? Any purpose to this Universe ?
Who are we ?
Lord Shiva asked this question... Swami Vivekanda asked the same... Now I am asking you...

Who Am I ?

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Last Bench Warriors

" The best brains are found on the last benches of the class.. "

Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, our honourable ex-president once happened to quote these words. How true.. Why is it always that the best brains don't entertain themselves too much with the boring lectures? We can explain it by the fact that these minds want to roam around, searching for fresh ideas and thoughts. They get irritated when they are forced to stick their a** under the nose of the lecturer. They die for free space,free time and free thoughts, which help them to think creatively, rather than some stereotyped notes and lectures , which are of no use other than making your teacher happy. These are facts. Now listen to what happens in my class.

Third hour of the day begins at eleven. Students rush to the class. The fight, of course, is for the back benches. Sir enters. Some students get up and wish. Class starts.
Its 11.30 now. Heavy downpour of boredom in the last half an hour has frustrated everyone. Waste papers lying around.

And here goes our class

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Lazy Me

Its a disease. Its infectious. Its contagious. You simply can't prevent yourself from getting it if you arent aware of it. Cure is hectic. Needs will power. Patients suffer only after years of infection.
Its called Laziness.

I think I am the best person to talk about it because I can proudly say I am the laziest person around. Now this ain't no confession nor realisation. I simply am lazy. Nothing has been done about it yet. I honestly don't know what can be done about it. I'll be around here for 20 something years,this august, and I still havent found any solid reason for improving myself,yet.

Please tell me, is it in anyhow that bad to be lazy? Am not I just another guy with my own habits, feelings, behaviour, only that Im more lazy than any one of you..?

I've found many blokes claiming "I'm very lazy these days.. I'm this I' that..." Blah blah blah... Poor guys can't make out what it really takes to be me...

Day starts at 11.30AM. Break fast at 12 noon. Sleep. Lunch at 3.30PM. Sleep. Next food at 9.00PM. TV. Magazines. Computer. Computer. Sleep at 2.30AM. This is my weekend-day's outline. You can add some 'classes' , some 'movies', some 'meeting friends' here and there,on working days.

I hate to write notes. Well, I don't. Literally never( I do fear teachers, so Im forced to,at times)
I hate to get up. Its not that sleep is irresistable,just that I don't feel like getting up.
I'm bad at my daily chores. I do everything just enough to thrive. (god bless my mom's throat)
Always late to class. ( hint 2nd point). Anywhere else, I'm just in time. I don't miss out anything because of this "late-aayi-coming-mania "
If I'm at college, I don't feel like going home. If I'm at home, I don't feel like going out.

Now you may be asking why I did all this bla bla. I want to know whether you can make out the lazy me from the above description.

I've found only one person lazier than me yet, though he is quite different, of his own kind. Read more about him

PS : Free advice WELCOME. Honestly.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Story Of Manjhi

Once there lived a husband & a wife in Japan.They loved each other very much. They desperately needed a child, but the problem was that the wife couldn't give birth. Now they came to India. They thought of adopting a child. But how could they adopt a new born baby?

They approached a surrogate mother from Ahmedabad to help them have a child. But things didn't go the right way. Days from the date of delivery, the couple got divorced and the adoptee mother flew back to Japan. Little Manjhi took her first breath at Kavial Maternity home, Anand , Gujarat , and by the time she sipped her first milk from the feeding bottle, her surrogate mother had also left.
Manjhi's father wants to claim her, but our laws, in India do not entertain it as such. So now she is with her grandmother, the only person to care her. What a misfortune for her ..!

Guess what. Our famous judiciary doesn't have sound laws on surrogacy and one bill is still pending. Also, laws prohibit a single man or a divorced father from adopting a girl child. This peculiar law has brought our little Manjhi's future into uncertainty. Now a surrogate mother means the child's biological father is same( as the person who wants to adopt ), then why Manjhi's dad isn't being allowed to claim her?

Surrogacy has become a business in India, where it is a means of income for many abandoned poor but healthy women who desperately want to raise their own children , but don't have enough financial strength. Also, they are doing it for a good cause, so no one is to blame them either. Where are we heading towards ? Outsourcing mothers ? Spain has banned surrogacy, in Australia and some other countries its illegal. Where are we ?

Our judiciary to blame ? Or our people ?

Sunday, 3 August 2008

History's Mysteries

Does history ever repeat itself ? Or is it sheer coincidence that some incidents look unimaginably similar, even when they are drawn out from far far different pages of the history books.....? Want to know what I am trying to express ...? Read the following: (just one of the many incidents)

Year 1980:

Four time defending champion Bjorn Borg was on his way to his fifth consecutive Wimbeldon final with ease. The Swedish mastero was up against the brash left hander John McEnroe this time.

Borg's four year reign seemed to last no more when the American stormed through the first set. But he fought hard to take the next two sets before losing a historic tie break 16-18 in the fourth set. Eventually "ice borg" rallied through to win his Fifth Wimbeldon title.

But the writing was on the wall. The same pair met again in 1981 and this time McEnroe got his man, thus ending an illustrious 5 year unbeaten run at the wimbeldon. Later that year, McEnroe managed to defeat Borg at the US open as well, which led to his retirement from the game.

Year 2003-08:

Roger Federer won his first Wimbeldon title defeating Mark Philippoussis. He defended his title successfully for four years without even a speck of doubt. In the fifth year, he had to rally five sets to sneak through . The rising no.2 seed Rafael Nadal was posing him great danger and he could smell a defeat on grass, sooner than later...

2008 :Rafael Nadal was all set to take forward his clay court form onto the grass, now that he was truely an undisputed champion on clay. Federer was looking forward to defending his tiltle for the sixth consecutive time. He had lost to him the last couple French open finals, including the one this year , and was not looking in the greatest of form this time around. As expected, the All England Tennis Club was to witness yet another battle of one of the finest tennis duels the game had ever known. The same old pair..... Federer vs Nadal.

All odds were against Federer this time. As expected, the brisk lefthander stormed through the first two sets and looked very much in control the match. Amazingly though, Federer bounced back from 0-2 sets down to level the score and the game went into the all decisive fifth set. Though Federer couldnt break his opponent's serve, he somehow managed to cling on to his powerful serve and the game went into the tie-braker

History was to repeat itself this time and Nadal managed to end Federer's 5 match winning streak and clinched his very first Wimbeldon title.

Goto Year 1980;

So now the questions remain :
Will Nadal defeat Federer at the US open?
Will Nadal be able to dethrone Federer from his No.1 spot ?

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Apache all the way...

Gosh... how happy I am...

Guess what...

I've had one of my very very special days of life today, and for all of you folks to know, "Mr Rohit is a proud owner of the new TVS Apache RTR 160 ...! ".

And on this special occasion, I would also love to announce the inaugration of my new blog "Enigma". To all of you blogger people, especially my dear budding blogger friends :" Here I am, just like you people(yes you, the one peeping at this monitor), all set to explore this new and exciting world of Bloggerdom.."

Am I talking too much?

Anyway, lets get into the matter. Apache RTR 160 is a 2008 racing upgrade from TVS. It comes with aerodynamically designed air scoops- sharp fins around the Apache to reduce air resistance and help clock faster lap times.And not to forget, a stunning digi speedo with a lap timer and top speed indicator. All these are the dashing features of a machine running on a160 cc 15.2 bhp engine, with petal disc front breaks and LED tail lamps. Ain't enough for a cool ride...?

It was an awesome feeling to ride it for the very first time. The sheer power in the machine, the cool sporty looks..... I simply couldnt help myself from a "WOW..!". Though black hadn't been a favourite , the stylish silver-grey designs on its air scoops and body were enough to win my heart this time and also everyone else's.

Back to morning. Devidas had accompanied me to the TVS showroom and the Collectorate. Registered my bike after a short rendezvous with the RTO. Everything else(insurance part, tax) is expected to be over by atleast not more than a fortnight.

Thats all folks.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Over and out.