Sunday, 3 August 2008

History's Mysteries

Does history ever repeat itself ? Or is it sheer coincidence that some incidents look unimaginably similar, even when they are drawn out from far far different pages of the history books.....? Want to know what I am trying to express ...? Read the following: (just one of the many incidents)

Year 1980:

Four time defending champion Bjorn Borg was on his way to his fifth consecutive Wimbeldon final with ease. The Swedish mastero was up against the brash left hander John McEnroe this time.

Borg's four year reign seemed to last no more when the American stormed through the first set. But he fought hard to take the next two sets before losing a historic tie break 16-18 in the fourth set. Eventually "ice borg" rallied through to win his Fifth Wimbeldon title.

But the writing was on the wall. The same pair met again in 1981 and this time McEnroe got his man, thus ending an illustrious 5 year unbeaten run at the wimbeldon. Later that year, McEnroe managed to defeat Borg at the US open as well, which led to his retirement from the game.

Year 2003-08:

Roger Federer won his first Wimbeldon title defeating Mark Philippoussis. He defended his title successfully for four years without even a speck of doubt. In the fifth year, he had to rally five sets to sneak through . The rising no.2 seed Rafael Nadal was posing him great danger and he could smell a defeat on grass, sooner than later...

2008 :Rafael Nadal was all set to take forward his clay court form onto the grass, now that he was truely an undisputed champion on clay. Federer was looking forward to defending his tiltle for the sixth consecutive time. He had lost to him the last couple French open finals, including the one this year , and was not looking in the greatest of form this time around. As expected, the All England Tennis Club was to witness yet another battle of one of the finest tennis duels the game had ever known. The same old pair..... Federer vs Nadal.

All odds were against Federer this time. As expected, the brisk lefthander stormed through the first two sets and looked very much in control the match. Amazingly though, Federer bounced back from 0-2 sets down to level the score and the game went into the all decisive fifth set. Though Federer couldnt break his opponent's serve, he somehow managed to cling on to his powerful serve and the game went into the tie-braker

History was to repeat itself this time and Nadal managed to end Federer's 5 match winning streak and clinched his very first Wimbeldon title.

Goto Year 1980;

So now the questions remain :
Will Nadal defeat Federer at the US open?
Will Nadal be able to dethrone Federer from his No.1 spot ?


nipun said...

i think we will have a new champion at us open this year
aint gonna be nadal or fedex

The Legend said...

@ rohit

I do believe that history repeats itself...This not an unique event...There are many more...
And, I think Nadal's goona win taking into account his current form and the phsycological advantage he has over Federer, having defeated him in 2 grandslam finals this year.....

Let's wait and see...

P.S.: I'll remove word verification only if you do that too :-P

Bristow said...

Rayappa ithavana Saniya Mirsa jayikkum...:)

Devidas said...

eda kozhiiiiiiiiiiii

RoHiT said...

Well... Nadal did infact become No.1 but couldnt beat Fedex in US Open this time around