Thursday, 27 November 2008

Wake Up India....

My dear motherland, my India is being torn apart by bomb blasts and terrorist attacks and all I can do is sit and watch my television. How pathetic is it not? I can guarantee this is the case for my fellow friends and youngsters and everyone whom I can think about right now.

When will we see a peaceful world with no war and no bloodshed? Ever ? I can thrust upon the word 'NEVER'. We saw Romans conquer, Alexander fight, Mughals rule, and like that.. Civilizations after civilzations we have witnessed the same thing repeating over and over. Fight for survival was the motto till the last century. War is still on, but it has slightly changed its shape. When we saw army and forces fighting each other till now, innocent civilians have become the target now. And for what cause? Only a terrorist can give you an answer to that.

I had lived in Mumbai for over 6 years and its so disheartening to see 'aamchi Mumbai ' become a victim to the bloody terrorists' mishap. Bomb blasts have occured at the heart of the city including the Victoria Terminus( Chatrapathy Shivaji terminus or the CST ), the 5 star Taj and Oberoi hotels, towns of Santa Cruz and Vile Parle, killing over 125 people as for now. The CST is undoubtedly one of the world's busiest railway stations and Taj and Oberoi hotels provide the best hospitality in the country for VIPs and VVIPs and foreigners. And sadly these places have become the targets for the so called Mujahideen Bast*rds. So so unfortunate to see my country in havoc.

Don't these repeated blasts and serial killings point out the weak links of our system? Corrupt politicians lead to corrupt police and thus security becomes a formal gesture only meant for VIPs.. So easily do these culprits get inside our nation, collect sophisticated weapons and rifles, and do the job assigned and go to hell. Their victims? Innocent people.... And what do our dummy police do? Smile at those who rape a nun in public? Help collect RDX for Hindutva mother*****s? Hell man...

I'm sorry to say this but two years ago, I'd begun my blog with a post on terrorism, and what I wrote has, unfortunately, become absolutely true.
And I'm sorry I used harsh words here. I really couldn't control my frustration