Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Apache all the way...

Gosh... how happy I am...

Guess what...

I've had one of my very very special days of life today, and for all of you folks to know, "Mr Rohit is a proud owner of the new TVS Apache RTR 160 ...! ".

And on this special occasion, I would also love to announce the inaugration of my new blog "Enigma". To all of you blogger people, especially my dear budding blogger friends :" Here I am, just like you people(yes you, the one peeping at this monitor), all set to explore this new and exciting world of Bloggerdom.."

Am I talking too much?

Anyway, lets get into the matter. Apache RTR 160 is a 2008 racing upgrade from TVS. It comes with aerodynamically designed air scoops- sharp fins around the Apache to reduce air resistance and help clock faster lap times.And not to forget, a stunning digi speedo with a lap timer and top speed indicator. All these are the dashing features of a machine running on a160 cc 15.2 bhp engine, with petal disc front breaks and LED tail lamps. Ain't enough for a cool ride...?

It was an awesome feeling to ride it for the very first time. The sheer power in the machine, the cool sporty looks..... I simply couldnt help myself from a "WOW..!". Though black hadn't been a favourite , the stylish silver-grey designs on its air scoops and body were enough to win my heart this time and also everyone else's.

Back to morning. Devidas had accompanied me to the TVS showroom and the Collectorate. Registered my bike after a short rendezvous with the RTO. Everything else(insurance part, tax) is expected to be over by atleast not more than a fortnight.

Thats all folks.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Over and out.